How to access the Podium computers

Each fleXlab has a podium that is installed and operated for ProCom by Ryerson Media Services. If there are issues relating to projection and switching of sources, call CCS immediately at extension 4444 using the phone to the right of the podium. For software issues or computer issues, you may contact

To connect to the PC or Mac inside the Podum:

  1. Swipe your Ryerson OneCard on the podium card reader and press the small white touchsreen panel to wake up the podium. The podium will take a full 60 seconds to boot up.
  2. Decide if you want to use the Mac or PC. To access the PC, touch "PC" at the top right of the touch screen. To access the Mac, touch "MAC" at the bottom left of the touch screen.
  3. Step 2 determines what computer/video source that will appear on the projector. If you find that the keyboard/mouse is not working, simply click the large circular button undernearth the keyboard RCC 205 only) or pull out the wireless mouse and keyboard (RCC 203 only). You may need to turn any wireless devices on using the power switch on the bottom right. 

To connect your own laptop to the Podium:

  1. Find the yellow HDMI cable in the drawer. Connect the yellow HDMI cable between your computer and the podium (note: if you are on a Mac, connect the provided dongle to your computer). 
  2. Tap "Laptop" on the white podium touch screen panel.