Mobile webcasting via Panopto

ProCom has a number of iPad Minis that may be signed out from the Equipment Distribution Centre (EDC) Cage in RCC 166 or via the online reservation system.

The following documents how to record in-class Presentations via the Panopto App.

Step 1 (instructor):

Click the green Panopto icon from the iPad homescreen and login using the FCAD option.


Step 2 (student):

Select the green 'Record & Upload' button. Tap the folder that corresponds to the course/section you are in. Provide a title that contains the presenters' first and last names. Press 'Star Recording' when ready.

Next, tap the red record button and record the video.

Press the red record button a second time when you have completed your recording. Click the 'Use Video' button that appears.

In the screen that pops up, provide a title with the first and last name of the presenter and then tap 'Upload'. This completes the recording process. and you can repeat from Step 2 if more recordings are needed.