Web Projects Consulting

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Service Notice (Read First): 

Please note that consultation is currently available only to FCAD members. Consultation does not include the actual design or prototyping for your site. There may be costs that you will be required to cover. Please refer to the Guidelines for Requesting Websites.

About this Service: 

Consultation and guidance for web related projects is available for all FCAD members across all schools and departments. This includes consultation on design, development, hosting, technology, accessibility, social networking, search engine optimization, mobile technology, etc.

User Groups this service is available to: 

Schools and Departments this service is provided to: 


When is it Available (hours of service): 

9:00am - 4:30pm (Mon-Fri)

What's Included: 

Best practices for web and application design
Best practices for development and maintenance
Recommendations for hosting (internal and external)
Guidance for domain (url) registration
Project Management and Strategy Implementation
Strategy for Social Media and Networking

How to Request this Service: 

To request consultation and guidance for your web project please create a ticket on FCAD Help Desk.

Contact Info: