Shared Audio Cluster Access

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Service Notice (Read First): 

The Shared Audio Cluster consists of the following rooms: RCC164D RCC340C RCC344 RCC342 RCC348 RCC346A-F

About this Service: 

FCAD Operations and Technology Services (OTS) provides access to rooms and equipment in the Shared Audio Cluster. Access to the rooms in the Shared Audio Cluster requires an active KeyTracer account and instructor approval. 

User Groups this service is available to: 

Schools and Departments this service is provided to: 


When is it Available (hours of service): 

9:00am - 9:00pm (Mon-Fri)

What's Included: 

Access to the following rooms in the Shared Audio Cluster:
RCC164D, RCC340C, RCC344, RCC342, RCC348, RCC346A-F

How to Request this Service: 

To request this service contact Preston Patey or Barry Weatherhead

Contact Info: 

Preston Patey | RCC166 | Tel. 416-949-7822 | or Barry Weatherhead | RCC166 | Tel. 647-383-7070 |


The Shared Audio Cluster (various locations)