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Adobe suite for work at Home (Faculty And Staff Only)

As part of new agreement with adobe we are able to provide adobe suites for work on home computers.

Please remember that this agreement is valid untill july 31st for 2016 when Ryerson re-negotiates the agreement. At which time the license may be revoked if this option is not part of the new agreement.

Please note that this is for installation on your home devices and when you install this you will always get the latest version of the Adobe products and that may not be the same version you have on your other devices on campus. (your office computer, laptops, and lab computers)

On campus we do upgrade adobe packages on our imaging cycle, which is every summer in july when Adobe releases its annual upgrades. This is in coordination with CCS that manages other labs on campus and provides us with version compatability campus wide.

Please find attached the installation instruction file for installing this adobe suites on home devices.



Add Ryerson email to iOS device

Please follow these instructions from CCS for adding your Ryerson email to your iOS device.



Make sure to use your full email address for the username (i.e. j.doe@ryerson.ca )

Also make sure to activate your google token (through your my.ryerson.ca portal) and use that google token as your password.


Contact Fcadhelp@ryerson.ca if your still having trouble.

Mac Network Connection Problem (intermittent)

Mac Network connection Problem

This fix is for if your having issues with your network connection on Mac OS where intermittently you lose network connection and have to restart your browser.

You will have to delete a couple of files.

Follow these instructions:

    1. Library -> Preferences -> system configurations
    2. Delete NetworkInterfaces.plist and Preferences.plist
    3. reboot

After rebooting that should clear up the issue.



Mac OS printing from adobe (reader, acrobat) to Dell B5465dnf Pri...

There is a known issue when printing from Adobe reader or acrobat (from a mac) to the Dell B5465dnf printer whereby it will cause a firmware error (blue screen of death) around the 3rd printed page and cause the printer to reboot.

Printing from other software works fine (preview).

After consulting with Dell tech support about this issue the following settings configuration will resolve this issue:

1. Go to the desired page to be printed

2. Before printing the document, in the print window, go to the advanced tabe located next to the printers name

3. In that window make sure the "Print as Image" checkbox is checked

This should resolve this issue.

How to login to Creative Industries internship site


To successfully login to Creative Industries Intership site, please the following simple steps:

 1.  Establish FCAD login credentials 

 2.  Login to the intershiop site using established credentials (user name and password)

Prior to going  to intership site, Please log into an FCAD wired computer and change your password as prompted by the system assuming that you never logged in to FCAD.

New password must be 8 or more Alpha-Numeric characters.

Your initial password is the entire 9 digits on your student ID number if you have never logged in to FCAD; unless it is reset and communicated to you by Systems Administrator.

Note:  Wired computers can be found in RCC labs such as RCC224 and RCC229




BenQ MH740 Projector Correct Setting for RCC183, RCC185 and RCC 1...

BenQ MH740 Projectors  Required Settings following a factory reset (see System Setup below). This is the current recommended approach if  

Note: analog audio is disabled at the Bios level on the Dell PC’s in the podiums

In the event of muted audio apply a factory reset using the BenQ remote. Post factory setup the following settings will need to be verified. The most critical item is to disable Auto Power Off. Also, choose English (if prompted) for language after the projector is re-started.



Quick Auto Search = ON

Color Space Conversion = AUTO



Direct Power = OFF

Signal Power = OFF

Auto Power = Disable (CRITICAL TO SET THIS!)

Quick Cooling = OFF

Instant Restart = OFF

Blank = OFF

Timer = OFF





Mute = OFF

Volume = 9. Use the Vol +/- buttons on the remote to adjust this

Power on/off Ring = ON



Lamp Mode = Normal



Network = Off

Monitor Out = On

Audio Pass Through = Disabled



Wired Lan = OFF



How to Access SFX-Server content via iTunes ( MacBook Pro)

When you launch iTunes you will see the library content of SFX server.

In order to ensure the access please do the following:


1) Make sure you are connected to RU-secure wireless 

2) when you first click on any sound clip in the iTunes Library it will prompt you for login.

   Do the following:

   - please login as a registered user with the syntax:

  User name:   MyRyersonUserid@fcad.ryerson.ca

  Password:     MyFcadLoginPassword

SnapStream and Google chrome compability

As we noted previously, Google has announced that support for the Netscape Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) has been dropped permanently in version 45 of Chrome, which was released this week and will be rolled out imminently.

Unfortunately, as the SnapStream web player is built on NPAPI, this means that we will be unable to provide playback in Chrome through the web player after version 45. The web player will remain compatible with Internet Explorer* in Windows, Safari in Mac OS, and Firefox in both Windows and Mac OS. 

The web player will still work in versions 42-44 of Chrome if NPAPI is enabled in the browser settings. See our knowledgebase for more information:

In the future, we will be moving toward providing playback of H.264 content without the use of a browser plugin. We will provide further bulletins as we make progress toward this goal. 

If you have questions contact support staff at support@snapstream.com.

Add PaperCut (cedar) printers for Mac OS

1) Make sure to install the appropriate drivers for the printer you want to print to.


2) Go to "System Preferences"->"Printers and Scanners"


3) Click on the "+" in the bottom left hand corner of the "Printers and Scanners" window


4) Double click or right click on the toolbar at the top of the windows next to the "Windows" icon.

From the drop down menu click on "Customize Toolbar..."

Drag the "Advanced" cog icon to the toolbar and then click on the "Done" button.


5) Click on the "Advanced" cog icon in the toolbar.


6) Click on the "Type" drop down button and select "Windows printer via spoolss"


7) In the "URL" textbox enter "smb://" - is the PaperCut server IP address

%Printername% - is the exact printer name for that printer on the papercut server.

Check the RCCPrinters google sheet if your not sure of the printer name.


8) (optional) Change the "Name" of the printer to the room location of the printer and the model of the printer.


9) (optional) Change the "Location" of the printer to the room location of the printer.


10) in the "Use" drop down menu, choose "Select Software..." then choose the printer drivers for that printer you plan on using and click the "Okay" button. (should be downloaded from the printer manufacturer's website)


11) Now click the "Add" button


12) Click the "OK" button.


13) Print out a test document. You will be asked to login. Use your FCAD credentials and the print job will be sent to the printer server under FCAD credentials. 


14) Now the print job is waiting release. you can log into the printer from the printer and release the print job manually (login -> touch "release print jobs") or you can go to "print.fcad.ryerson.ca" and login with your FCAD credentials and then click on the "Jobs Pending Release" tab in the left hand column.

Your printer job should show up there.

Just click on "print" or "Release All" and your print job will be released.

Skype keeps dropping calls (use a specific port)

If Skype continually is dropping calls there could be many reasons that are causing this issue.


One workaround for this issue is to change the skype connection to a specific software port on your computer.

*** Please be aware to let the other people trying to connect with you to use the same port number or they won't be able to connect ***


To change the port:

1. Open Skype and sign in


2. Click on "Tools" in the top menu bar


3. from the "Tools" drop down menu click on "options"


4. Then from the options window click on "Advanced" tab in the left hand column


5. Then click on "Connection" under Advanced in the left column:


6. Uncheck the box labeled "Use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connection" and choose a number greater than 1024 and enter it in the box above.


7. Make sure to give that number to other people trying to connect with you and walk them through changing the port in their settings.


8. Close Skype and restart it and then try to make the call again.


Hopefully that will help connect the calls.


After making the call make sure to go back to those setting and then check the box "Use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connection" again for general calls in the future.

How to Re-add the RTA Kyocera printer (after IP address change 6....

On Windows :

If you already have the Kyocera Copier installed please remove it first.

To Remove it go to start-> Devices and Printers -> right click the "Kyocera TASKalfa 3501i KX on Fcadprinters" and choose remove device.

To Re-add the printer:

1) Click on the windows Logo in the far bottom left corner of the screen

2) In the search field type "\\fcadprinters" and press enter and it will open a new window with all the available printers.

3) In the new window look for "RTA-Kyocera-Copier" and double click that icon.

This will install the new printer drivers for that printer with the IP change.




***You should have the drivers for the printer already installed from before the IP change.

If not refer back to the KB article: "How to add the New RTA Kyocera Printer (w driver)" to add the drivers.

The drivers should be attached to the article.


1) Open "System Preferences"-> "Printers and Scanners"

2) Find the printer "RTA-Kyocera" or whatever it was named before. Highlight the printer by clicking on it and then click on the "-" button at the bottom left hand corner of the window. Then click on the "Delete Printer" button.

2) Then on the same screen System Preferences -> Printers and Scanners -> + (add new printer) -> IP (In the top menu. Fill in the info described below)

    Address : (*** formerly: [Don't use this IP as it's no longer good])

    Protocol : (choose) Line Printer Daemon-LPD

    Queue : Leave Blank

    Name : RTA-Kyocera ( or uou can give it any name)

    Location : RTA 

    Click on "Use"-> choose "select software" -> Look for " Kyocera Taskalfa 3500i (KPDL)" -> Highlight it and click ok.


3) Click the "Add" button

That will install and add the printer drivers for you.

VPN Certificate expired. Adding new Certificate (Windows/Mac)

This is a knowledge base article for adding your new VPN certificate for Windows and Mac after recieving it from CCS.


VPN certificates usually expire after 1 year for security reason.

If that happens please email CCS and let them know so they can send you a new certificate.

After recieving the new certificate from CCS, this is how you add it to get your VPN working again.


Mac OS X:

- Click on "Go" in the top bar and hold down the "option" key on the keyboard when the drop down menu appears.

- You should see an option appear in the drop down menu called "Library". Click on it.

- Search for a folder shortcut named "openvpn" and open it.

- You should see a file with your FCAD login name and the extension "%FcadLoginName%.p12"

- i.e. Jane Doe, FCAD login name: jdoe. The file would be name "jdoe.p12"

- Right click (or double click) on that file and select "Move to Trash" from the drop down menu.

- Move the new "%FcadLoginName%.p12" file you received from CCS into this folder.

- Restart your computer and test your VPN and it should connect with the new VPN certificate.


For Windows 7:

- With an explorer window open, browse to the following path "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenVpn\config" folder

- You should see a file with your FCAD login name and the extension "%FcadLoginName%.p12"

- i.e. Jane Doe, FCAD login name: jdoe. The file would be name "jdoe.p12"

- Highlight the file (left click on it) and then right click on it. Select "Delete" from the drop down menu.

- Move the new "%FcadLoginName%.p12" file you received from CCS into this folder ("C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenVpn\config").

- Restart your computer and test your VPN and it should connect with the new VPN certificate.


*** If this doesn't work you can try uninstalling the VPN software (tunnelblick for Mac OS X users, OpenVPN for windows users) and reinstalling it with the new certificate on the desktop (for instructions please see the knowledge base article "How to Uninstall and Reinstall Tunnelblick" or check the CCS website) ***


If your still having issues please email fcadhelp@ryerson.ca