SSL Fader Maintenance RCC344

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By your description I believe the issue you're experiencing is to do with the touch sense. When you touch the faders with your finger the electronics register the touch of your skin and disables the motor control, so that the fader can be moved.

As such what you're experiencing is the lack of touch sense. The console doesn't get enough of a trigger from your touch for it to disable the motor and the fader fights your movement.

The quality of the touch sense the reaches the electronics is influenced by a lot of factors. Externally it's humidity, temperature and different peoples skin capacitance. From the console there are a number of factors as well.

Dirt and grease on the fader track inside the fader which gives you a bad connection between the finger and the touch sense circuit on the PCB. However by your description of the cleaning process you perform this has been taken care off.

The other factors are.

a. Dirt/grease on top of the fader knobs.
Make sure that the fader knobs are clean

b. Bad contact between the fader knob and the fader element.
Pull the fader knobs off and reseat them to make sure they have good contact.

c. Fader knob has too close proximity to the faceplate
Make sure that the fader knob is not pushed all the way down on the fader tang. The closer it is to the faceplate the more of your fingers touch sense disappear into the chassis of the console.

d. Electronic calibration improvements
Since the AWS was brought out, some incremental improvements were made to the electronic calibration system that sits on each fader circuit board to improve the touch sense response of the faders. To check the current level of your faders, remove one fader from the console. On the aluminum face plate either on the face on back there will be a little white sticker with a number that starts with 629xxxx Also on the green fader PCB is a little white label that has a different number, that still starts with 629xxxx. If you could snap two pictures of these two labels and email them to us, we can confirm which version your faders are and whether there are any upgrades to be done.

e. Mechanical Fader element is failing.
If all of these other steps are not producing the desired results, the last option is to replace the fader element itself. Do to the age of the console this could be due to wear and tear of the fader elements or mechanical tolerances in the fader elements. A new fader element with some mechanical improvements are available on our web store see link for single fader purchase to replace the troubled fader elements. Alternatively at a purchase of 25 elements for the whole console to bring all the faders up to new elements in one go, I would like to extend a 30% discount for a 25 element purchase if you decide to go this route.

So lets start with double checking a-c and if you could get your maintenance engineer to take a fader out and check item d. for me we can figure out where to go next.

Best regards,


Thomas S. Jensen
Service Manager
Solid State Logic NY
Tel: 212-315-1111 Ext. 14


Preston Patey
Shared Audio Assistant

Migrating your existing Mail Client Setup to Google Mail

FCAD Helpdesk -

Mail Client Set Up (IMAP)

If you prefer to use an email program or client such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. instead of a web browser for Gmail or Google Apps, you will first need to create a separate Google Apps password. We call this your "Google Token" and you will use this Google Token to set up Google Apps with your email clients as well as your mobile devices.

Step 1 - Get your Google Token

Click here to get instruction on how to get your Google Token or watch getting Google Token video.

Step 2 - Enable IMAP in your Gmail Account

You must first enable IMAP in your Gmail account. Here's how:

Step 3 - Setup your Email client

Use the following IMAP Settings when setting up your Email client:

Login information

Incoming settings

Outgoing settings

For general instructions for setting up your specific mail client to work with Gmail, visit Google's Site for a full list. Note the settings above must be used in place of the ones in the examples, and any reference to "password"will mean your "Google Token" and your username or email will always be your email address:


For mor information please go here

SMTP server:

Port: 465

Security type: SSL/TLS

Authentication method: Normal password

IMAP server:

Port: 993

Security type: SSL/TLS

Authentication method: Normal password

Username: your Ryerson email address in the format:

Password: your newly created "Google Token" Instructions

How OSX machines can access ELM

FCAD Helpdesk -

Hi All,

Okay so to bring this to a point of reference. The following is what we've found in regards to how OSX machines can access ELM, the new storage NAS. We've only tested OSX 10.5 (10.5.8), 10.6 (10.6.8), 10.7 (10.7.1 and 10.7.4), 10.8 (10.8.0 and 10.8.1).

- If the machine is part of the FCAD domain (pretty much all our lab machines), then connections to smb:// and it's shares will work with standard fcad userid (plain userid NOT fcad\userid nor and password. This gets us there 95% of the way.

- If the machine is not part of FCAD domain then the following are possible remedies:

For OSX version 10.8.x (Mountain Lion):
WORKS: if domain user id is plain (i.e.: just the userid)
NO WORK: if domain user id is in form of "fcad\userid" (you get connected but don't see folders) or "" (nothing)

For OSX version 10.7.x (Lion):
WORKS: if domain userid is in form of "fcad\userid"
NO WORK: if domain user id is plain (i.e.: just userid) or "" (nothing)

For OSX version 10.6.x (Snow Leopard):
DOES NOT WORK AT ALL UNLESS you enroll the machine into the fcad domain -- even though the users account is local to that machine....(i.e. office machine) -- then plain userid and passwords work fine.

For OSX version 10.5.x (Leopard):
WORKS: if domain userid is in form of "fcad\userid" or ""
NO WORK: if domain userid is plain (i.e.: just userid)

iNews Startup sequence

FCAD Helpdesk -

For IT Group:

For any reason if the iNews server reboots, the following is to be followed to mount the database and resume operation:

connect a single=a





FCAD Exchange mail Transfer to Ryerson RMAIL

FCAD Helpdesk -

The following step by step procedure will help with a speedy transition from fcad exchange mail to Ryerson RMAIL 

Remove the forwarding Option in Ryerson Mail Account And FcadHelp should forward the Fcad exchange emails to Ryerson email.

·         Create a backup folder c:\mailbackup

·         Back-up existing e-mail account:

File -> Options -> Advanced -> Export -> Export to a file-> Outlook Data file (.pst)->

        Highlight inbox  -> use browse and save it under c:\mailbackup\FcadBUusername.pst


·         Create a Back up folder on the right pane below the mailboxes

Home -> New Items -> More Items -> Choose Outlook Data File

                                                  Choose C:\Mailbackup\FcadBUusername.pst

This will create a duplicate of Exchange Mail account that is saved on Local machine and is access able through outlook.                                                     


·         Before transferring folders to new inbox:

a.       After the back-up has been done, have the individual “clean-up” as much of their FCAD inbox(s) as possible. 

       Highlight the fact that they can still access historical e-mails via their backup. 


·         Create new IMAP Mail Account for within Outlook.

File -> Add Account -> Manually configure server settings -> Internet Email ->

Account Type: IMAP

Incoming mail server:

Outgoing mail server:

             -> More Setting: Advance tab: incoming mail server (IMAP) 993  SSL (143)

                  Outgoing (SMTP): 587 TLS

                  Outgoing mail server tab: click, My outgoing mail server requires authentication


File->options->advanced-> send and receive -> schedule an automatic send/receive every 5 min

File -> options->advanced->outlook start and exit -> choose inbox of (sets as default)                                    


·         Transfer of folders from to

Right click the folder under inbox in @fcad  -> Move folder -> choose Mail under @Ryerson account

                This will move the folder from Inbox @ Fcad under Mail @Ryerson


·         You will need to notify everyone to ensure they are using your e-mail address and not

FCAD Exchange server Mail and account Transfer to Ryerson Mail (RMAIL)

FCAD Helpdesk -

Dan’s E-mail Migration Tips & Suggestions for Outlook 2010:

  • Back-up existing e-mail account:
    • I would strongly suggest that in addition to backing-up to the individuals password protected computer hard drive,  there be space allocated on a password protected server for temporarily storing the of the account so that  in the event of a failure, we know there is a way to recover.
    • Because of FIPPA – e-mails should not be moved to a disk or USB key (unless encrypted)
    • To do back-up 
  1. 1.       Click on File (top left tab) 
  2. 2.       Select Options 
  3. 3.       Select Advanced 
  4. 4.       From right pane, scoll down and select” export”
  5. 5.       From pop up window, select “Export to a file” and click next
  6. 6.       Select “Outlook Data File (.pst) and click next
  7. 7.       Highlight you “inbox”
  8. 8.       Use “Browse” button to select a location on your hard drive to save the file
  • Pick some place you will remember!
  1. 9.       Click “Finish”


  • FCAD Help will need to create new folders to make the back-up available within Outlook so the user can easily access.  This will help encourage and reassure users when it comes to the next step.


  • Before transferring folders to new inbox:
    • After the back-up has been done, have the individual “clean-up” as much of their FCAD inbox(s) as possible.  Highlight the fact that they can still access historical e-mails via their back-up. 
    • For those who still have greater than 1GB of e-mail after the clean-up, a request will need to be made by FCAD Help to add additional storage to the R-mail account


  • Create new inbox within Outlook.
    • This inbox is associated with the account.


  • Transfer of folders from to
    • The user should be informed that they will be moving folders from their FCAD Inbox to the “Mail” folder in their @ryerson  inbox.
    • To move the folder:
  1.  highlight the folder you wish to move
  2. right click
  3. select “move folder”
  4. select the “mail” folder in your @ryerson inbox
  5. wait for the transfer to be complete
  6. check the folder to ensure the move was successful


  • Setting inbox as default in Outlook
    • Each time you open outlook, it will default to
    • You will need to change this to default to
  1. Make sure you’ve highlighted your inbox
  2. Go to File (top left tab)
  3. Click Options
  4. Click Advanced
  5. 5.       from right pane under Outlook start and exit group click Browse.
  6. 6.       Click on your Inbox
  7. 7.       Click OK
  8. 8.       Restart Outlook – it will now default to your @ryerson Inbox.


  • You will need to notify everyone to ensure they are using your e-mail address and not


  • If you are IMAPing your e-mail to a BlackBerry, iPhone or other device, you will need to ensure the device is updated to get e-mail from your account.


  • FCAD help will need to set-up the users account to forward e-mail to the account for a predetermined transitional period.


Windows 7 Activation

Helpdesk one -

This procedure will activate your newly installed Windows 7 Enterprise version with Key Management Server (KMS) 

Open Command prompt in elevated (administrator) mode

slmgr -skms kms_server_DNS_address    ->press enter and wait for the server to acknowledge  

slmgr /ato    ->press enter and the server will send you a confirmation


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